Birthday calendar

Happy Birthday IMA

to celebrate the ocassion, I uploaded the family calander to the gallery.

so everyone can remeber it.

This is the place, to wish you happy more birthdays, (29 years old - right ?) and only joy (your name ?) and happiness….

From all of us…..


New Pictures!

Howdy family members.

So Yitzchak and Ima were visiting LA this past week, and we’ve got some pictures!

Check out the family picture gallery (links on the lower right side of this screen) for images.

If you still don’t have a username and password - please contact either me (Amia) or Efraim.

same goes for email and also for managing this blog with updates.

please provide us with a desired password, so we can set the same password for all your accounts.

Also, I’d like to take this chance to promote my fairly new english blog, which can be found at:

Take care y’all, and start making use of this website/family control center.


Hello world!

New family blog/site.

ALL will have their own username and password.

picture gallery is only accessible once a username and a password are entered.

emails… ohhh, emails… will have that lovely gmail email account, with a domain.

May the force be with you.